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The importance and impact of a robust IT department has never been more evident than it is right now. With millions of professionals currently working from home, a strong support network is absolutely essential to keep businesses running smoothly.

While many industries are experiencing a dip, the tech industry is booming—in fact, Career Karma ranks numerous IT-related positions in the top, most in-demand jobs for the new decade.

If you want to break into this lucrative (and growing) profession, consider the LearnNow Complete Developer & IT Pro Library: Unlimited Lifetime Access.

With nearly 1,600 hours worth of content spanning 1,000 courses, LNO covers all the essential skills required to break into or grow your career in IT. Currently valued at over $1,800, these courses are a bonafide bargain at $80.

LearnNow designs its courses with engaging tools for every type of learner and pathways to success in topics like office productivity, project management, creative design, and, of course, developer and IT.

With this bundle, you’ll get access to nearly every facet of being an IT Pro, including technical know-how and leadership and management guidance.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of topics you’d expect from an IT learning platform, such as AWS, Azure, Python, Linux, and SQL, but also some creative aspects, including Adobe’s Creative Suite, Final Cut, and more.

Better still, you can progress at your own pace with a lifetime subscription. So regardless of your current experience level, this course bundle can give you a leg up if you need to change careers or earn a promotion. As an added benefit, you can pick up a business analysis certification.Suffice to say; this meager investment will undoubtedly pay dividends throughout your career.

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