Become an expert photographer in no time with this $29 learning bundle

Nine courses transform you from beginner-to-expert in less than 48 hours.

Snapping a few photos of your friends with your phone’s camera is one thing. Learning to capture the stunning world around you, with DSLR and iPhone cameras alike, is an art that you must master.

Luckily, you can transform from beginner-to-expert in less than 48 hours of course work with The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle: currently a whopping 96 percent off for just $29.

This bundle features nine individual courses and 45 hours of course work that will teach you to document the highlights of yours and your family and friends’ lives. This means birthday parties, epic trips to the mountains and graduation ceremonies just to name a few.

Folks are spending more time than ever at home. Now is the time to refresh your skills, if you’ve already learned some photography, or master a new art that you’ve been wanting to take up for years.

One of the nine courses is on wedding photography. According to Thumbtack, event photographers make an average of $150-$250 per hour.

Whether that’s a new passion, or creative side hustle on the weekend, that alone is worth your while.

Plus, you’ll learn directly from a real-life expert. Popular online instructor Phil Ebiner, who has both real-world experience as a photographer and more than 80,000 former students, will be your teacher.

The nine courses available in this bundle are: 

  • Long exposure photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Night photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Course
  • Adobe Lightroom CC Course
  • Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography
  • Photography Master Class
  • Food photography

This bundle usually costs $818. Don’t procrastinate in pursuing this passion any longer.