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Hundreds of topics are covered in these audio-only lessons to help you grow.

No matter what you want to work on in your personal or professional life, the topic is bound to be covered in Knowable’s library of expert-led audio courses. Turn your interests and growth areas into knowledge with a lifetime subscription to the hundreds of courses of available.

These courses offer insights from hundreds of expert teachers, with new classes added every week. They cover everything from business, marketing, leadership, personal finance, career growth and more to help with your professional development. But there are also classes on food and drink and relationships to assist in your personal growth.

These classes are audio-only, so it’s much like listening to a podcast. This makes the classes both powerful and convenient, allowing you to do other things while you listen without other distractions from visuals. Just hit play and start listening and learning.

You’ll need IOS 11.4 or newer or Android 5.0 or newer to access the recordings. The lifetime subscription includes all updates.

Each course includes hours of lessons accompanied by supporting materials such as optional assignments, summaries and bonus material. The classes are put together by a production team of researchers, writers and producers, along with talent to lead the instruction. That talent includes subject matter experts, journalists, authors and academics.

Knowable has received overwhelming support from users and was named one of Google Play’s New Apps We Love, and has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by users.

lifetime subscription normally runs $249 for all of this content, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $59.99, a 75 percent discount.

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