Target your sore muscles and joints with this percussive massager

Get the relief your body needs with six massage heads and six strength levels.

Looking to find some relief for those aching muscles and the tension building up throughout your body? How about a home remedy instead of driving to a chiropractor or spa and paying someone a lot of money? That’s what you’ll get with the Kitta Percussive Massager.

This device will work out your tension issues with ease, targeting the impacted areas with a deep massage. It comes with six different massage heads, allowing you to choose the one that works and feels the best for the area of your body you’re targeting.

Unlike massage chairs or other devices that give your body an overall massage, the Kitta allows you to target a specific spot in your body that needs attention. Just choose the massage head you want, select one of the six strength levels, aim the massager at it, and let the brushless motors do their thing.

There are no cords to worry about, thanks to a rechargeable battery, which will give you up to 10 hours of use before needing a recharge. The charger comes with this massager, as does a travel case, so you’ll have everything you need to get started right away.

The six massage heads give you so many options. The round head works anywhere on your body, including common pain areas like your arms, back, and hips. The flat head is perfect for your thighs and calves, while the fork head works well on your neck and spine.There is also a wedge head for your shoulders and back, a double head for a more gentle massage anywhere, and a bullet head, which targets small areas such as palms, soles, and joints.

Users of the massager have found it to be quite effective, rating it 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This Kitta Percussive Massager normally runs $200, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $149.99, a savings of 25 percent. At that price, you will not only bring relief to your muscles, but to your wallet as well.

Prices subject to change.