This state-of-the-art, interactive cloud lamp moves and reacts to you, and it’s on sale now

Give your room a soothing and literal cloudy vibe.

Since we’re all spending the majority of our time at home anyway, you might as well make it a place you don’t mind spending most of your hours in. If you’re longing for the days when you can finally get to go on trips and be one with nature, why not bring a piece of nature indoors instead?

This Interactive Cloud Lamp, designed by Brooklyn’s very own Richard Clarkson studio, is unlike any other piece of furniture you’ve owned. It’s not only shaped like a cloud, but it’s textured like one, too. This thundercloud can be a centerpiece of any room in your home, which you can marvel at any time you wish to witness something close to magic.

Check it out in action:

Designed to be as realistic as possible, the Cloud Lamp moves based on your own activity. It’s equipped with advanced sound-reactive and ambient lamp modes, along with motion sensors to detect a user’s presence. The result? A unique lightning and thunder show dictated by every move you make.

With different light modes, you also have the option to control the way it acts. Tap the remote and the lamp will have sectional fades according to sound frequency. When you click Hold, it will breathe in and out with white light. There’s even a Thunderstorm mode where the lamp mimics lightning at randomly timed intervals.

It also features various music modes, where it can either change colors according to sound frequencies or fade according to the beat of the music. And, to change the mood in the room, ambient modes are also available to alter the intensity of the lighting.Give your room a soothing and literal cloudy vibe with this state-of-the-art lamp. For a limited time, you can grab the small variant on sale for $629.99—8 percent off the usual retail cost. Medium and large sizes are also available for $849.99 and $1199.99, respectively.

Prices subject to change.