These deals can help you cool off during the final hot days of the year

Stay cool and save big with this roundup of deals from the PopSci Shop.

Although Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer, there’s still enough time to kick back, cool off, and enjoy the remaining hot days of the calendar year. Depending on your home setup and where you live in the country, you may have a big enough yard to throw an inflatable pool party with your family, or you may already float around in a pool you use year-round. Either way, we’ve rounded up four excellent deals from the PopSci Shop that will help you have fun while cooling off at the pool this year.

SunClub Inflatable Rectangular Pool
SunClub Inflatable Rectangular Pool Stack Commerce

Up next, we have another inflatable pool that’s great for having fun with family or friends. Stretching 8ft wide, this inflatable pool is made with high-quality, durable plastic and rubber. In other words, it’s guaranteed to last you a long time. The unique pool has wide sidewalls, allowing for additional room to play, and three air chambers, which come with a combo valve that makes inflation and deflation an absolute breeze.

Get the SunClub Inflatable Rectangular Pool for $49.99 and save 50 percent off its original price tag of $99.

Avenlur Inflatable Family Pool
Avenlur Inflatable Family Pool Stack Commerce

An inflatable pool is a great option for anyone who wants to cool off during the hottest days of the year, especially for families looking to have fun from the safety and comfort of home. This inflatable ground swimming pool has a compact design, coming in at 10ft x 30 inches. Meaning, it will fit comfortably into almost any sized yard and is perfect for having fun with the family. Better yet, thanks to its easy and quick setup process, as well as its triple-layer design, you can have fun regularly without stressing over its durability.

Get the Avenlur Inflatable Family Pool on sale today for $169.99 and save 37 percent off its original price tag of $269.

SunClub Inflatable Play Pool
SunClub Inflatable Play Pool Stack Commerce

Want your toddler to cool off and have fun staying safe? This inflatable paddling pool with water spray and inflatable slide sports a colorful pink flamingo design. Just attach your garden hose to the paddling pool to make water spray from the side of the pool, and watch as your toddler has fun splashing into the water from the inflatable slide. Crafted from durable and hard-wearing vinyl, it’s sure to last for many summers ahead.

Get the SunClub Inflatable Play Pool on sale today for $44.99 and save 50 percent off its original price of $89.

SOL Unicorn Pool Float
SOL Unicorn Pool Float Stack Commerce

Everyone deserves a day of chill vibes. Experience comfort, relaxation, and peace as you float on water with this cute pool float. Made from durable plastic that’s easy to inflate and deflate, this chill pool float is something anyone ages five and up can enjoy when hanging at the pool.

Get the SOL Unicorn Pool Float on sale today for $21.99 and save 56 percent off its original price tag of $49.

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