Get the world’s first adapter that connects to your Switch and your smartphone simultaneously

Talk to your friends or listen to music as you play games on your Nintendo device.

The HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro is the world’s first Bluetooth adapter for the Nintendo Switch Family that lets you connect your beloved Bluetooth headphones to the Switch and your smartphone simultaneously. It couldn’t be easier to talk or listen to music on your phone while gaming on the Switch.

This adapter is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and advanced DSP algorithm. It digitally combines audio from the Switch and your phone, streaming mixed audio to your headphones or speaker. But don’t let the advanced technology scare you off. The adapter features a simple two-button design that makes it a breeze to use.

The display features five indicator lights that show the operation in a glance. The LEDs indicate the headphones, aptX, EQ, internal mic mute and smartphone. One look and you’ll note what is in use. The red button connects your phone, allows you to play and pause music, and accept or end calls. The blue button connects your headphones and allows you to toggle the internal microphone on and off.

Its advanced functions, ease of use, and design make it the perfect addition to your Switch or Switch Lite. It has received an impressive 4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon, and it is compatible with either IOS or Android smartphones.

You might expect to pay a pretty penny for such an important addition to your gaming setup. The adapter normally runs just $49, but for a limited time you can pick up the HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for just $42.99, a 14 percent discount. This makes a perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your life. Order now to get yours in time for Christmas.

Prices subject to change