Organize your workspace with these handy accessories

Make working from home (or on the road) easier with these great deals.

Working from home has become the new norm. And while that transition has been undoubtedly smoother for some professionals than others, it’s one that opens up new opportunities and some common challenges, such as how to set up a productive space at home. Many will head straight for the kitchen table while others will bunker down with a desk in their room. No matter where you choose to work at home, here are some of our favorite accessories from the PopSci Shop that will help you get organized and be more productive.

Executive Wireless Desktop Charger & Organizer
Executive Wireless Desktop Charger & Organizer Stack Commerce

This wireless charger desktop organizer is a great way to organize your desk at home. It provides a wireless charging pad for your Qi-enabled devices, as well as an additional USB port on the side for another device to charge. Keep your pen, keys, and other everyday items in one place with its extra slots that help you minimize clutter on the home front. Usually priced at $69, you can pick it up today for $59.99.

BackShield® Ergonomic Back Support
BackShield® Ergonomic Back Support Stack Commerce

BackShield delivers the perfect amount of support to keep your spine correctly aligned when sitting for hours on end to improve circulation and relieve pain in the lower back. With a unique three-layer design, it encourages the natural lumbar curvature of your spine, keeping your spine, hips, and legs in optimum alignment throughout the day. Just as important, its springy, lightweight cushioning delivers on comfort, too. Get it today for $72.99, which is 18 percent off its regular cost of $89.

Titan Anti-Blue Light Glasses
Titan Anti-Blue Light Glasses Stack Commerce

These glasses help you relieve digital eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches by blocking 35 percent of the blue light your eyes pick up when staring at a digital screen. Alongside mitigating the harmful effects of blue light, these glasses also provide you with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Designed for both fashion-forward and traditional individuals, you can rock this sleek and practical accessory in black and gold or black and quartz for $29.99 today.

Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor
Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor Stack Commerce

Miss working with multiple monitors at the office? If you like to multitask or need multiple screens to work, then you may have noticed a drop in productivity by switching to a single monitor at home. The TRIO from Mobile Pixels is an innovative multi-screen laptop accessory designed to boost your productivity and make it easier than ever to multitask outside the office. Simply plug it into your laptop, add one or two additional screens to your setup based on the model, and immediately boost your output. You can get a TRIO with one screen on sale today for $214.99 (16 percent off its regular price of $259) or with two screens for $419.99 (16 percent off $500).

Dual HDMI 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station
Dual HDMI 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station Stack Commerce

This hub helps you take care of all your connectivity needs in one place. The Dual HDMI 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station lets you extend or duplicate your USB-C laptop to external displays thanks to its dual HDMI ports. You can also charge your laptop faster with 100W thanks to its USB-C 3.0 PD, and ensure you always have lightning-fast network transfer speeds with its RJ45 LAN. Save 23 percent today and pick it up for $76.95.

Philips BDM4065UC 40
Philips BDM4065UC 40″ 4K LCD G-Sync Monitor (Certified Refurbished) Stack Commerce

Whether you work with CAD solutions, use 3D graphics applications, or are a financial wizard who works on massive spreadsheets all day long, you’ll need more than just a mere monitor. The Philips BDM4065UC 40″ 4K LCD G-Sync Monitor (Certified Refurbished) makes the pixels on your screen come to life. This monitor delivers ultraclear, 4K UHD images that make the work you already do a bit easier thanks to its advanced vertical alignment technology. Typically $1,890, you can get it on sale today for $399.99.

Naztech 20,000mAh 18W PD + QC3.0 Fabric Power Bank
Naztech 20,000mAh 18W PD + QC3.0 Fabric Power Bank Stack Commerce

This power bank is perfect for those who work on the go or just need another way to charge your favorite devices at home. Packing 20,000mAh of power in the most compact form possible, this power bank can recharge most phones up to 6 times on a single charge. It’s engineered with a USB-C Power Delivery so you can charge devices up to 4X faster than standard charges and Dual Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Get it on sale today for $59.99, which is 33 percent off its regular price of $89.

Adjustable USB Desk Fan
Adjustable USB Desk Fan Stack Commerce

Great for year-round use, and especially helpful during the hotter days of summer, this adjustable USB fan desk delivers on convenience and style. Easily clip this fan onto any surface to get the perfect airflow while working, adjust your breeze with three fan speeds, and match your office aesthetic by selecting from three color options (white, black, and pink). Oh, and did we mention you can recharge the mini fan’s built-in battery via USB for continuous use? Stay cool and pick one up today for $24.99, down from its usual cost of $39.

Efficiency GripMaster Car Desk & Organizer
Efficiency GripMaster Car Desk & Organizer Stack Commerce

Perhaps instead of working from home, you find yourself working on the road more often these days. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably noticed how challenging it can be to work on the go. Organization and storage are essential for working mobile, which is where the Efficiency GripMaster enters the picture. It’s a car desk that’s covered with a non-skid rubber material that grips your laptop and smartphone to remote work more convenient. Just as valuable, its ample storage area underneath the work surface is great for keeping your valuables out of sight. Save 15 percent and get it on sale today for $146.20

The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle
The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle Stack Commerce

To successfully work remotely, you need a specific set of skills—a few of these include focus, self-motivation, communication, collaboration, and creativity. This unique course bundle helps you make the transition from working in an office to working remotely far easier with expert insight and practical tips that will enhance your performance, boost your confidence, and help you thrive as a remote worker. Get the bundle on sale today for only $29.99, which is 84 percent off its regular price tag of $199.

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