Get a bigger, clearer view of the world around you with this portable telescope

Save 14 percent on this HD monocular telescope perfect for concerts, sporting events, and more.

The telescope is a piece of technology that’s been in use and constantly improved upon since 1608. Whether it was Galileo peering into the cosmos in the 17th century or NASA in the 21st century, it’s a tool often associated with and pointed at the stars. And while the telescope has led incredible scientific developments in our understanding of our galaxy and everything that lays beyond it, telescopes are also a fun and powerful tool for better understanding everything here on earth.

The High Definition Monocular Telescope gives you a bigger, clearer view of things with 50×60 magnification and multi-coated optics. Normally $54, you can pick it up on sale today in the PopSci Shop for $47 and save 14% off its standard price tag.

This monocular telescope makes it easier to get a bigger, clearer view of the events and things that matter most to you. For starters, it delivers 50×60 magnification, as well as comes with fully coated optics and BAK4 prism glass. That magnification level empowers you to see faces up to 1,000 meters and text or numbers from viewing buildings that are between 2,000-3,000 meters aways. In other words, it’s a powerful telescope that delivers picture-perfect image quality. What’s more, thanks to the materials used in its construction, you never have to worry about a compromised view.

Alongside impressive magnification and clarity, this monocular telescope also delivers on convenience. First off, it’s extremely portable and lightweight so that you can take it anywhere. Meaning, it’s a perfect tool to bring to any sporting event, concert, camping trip, fishing trip, vacation, or bird watching session. On top of that, it’s designed so that people who wear glasses can easily use it. With a swing-up eyepiece, this monocular telescope is perfect for anyone who regularly wears glasses or sunglasses.

Last and perhaps coolest of all, you can magnify the strength of your smartphone camera with this telescope. Align the lens of your smartphone camera with that of the telescope to take pictures and videos from a distance.

The High Definition Monocular Telescope gives you a bigger, clearer view of the world around you. Get it on sale today for $47.

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