Although the Raspberry Pi was originally created for education, this microcomputer is also perfect for prototyping. If you have a project in mind, the GrovePi+ Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi provides the ideal base. The kit includes the versatile GrovePi+ shield along with a selection of sensors and useful components, allowing you to get creative without soldering. Right now, the kit is only $89.99 at the PopSci Shop.

From DIY smart speakers to robots in space, the Raspberry Pi has been used to power a variety of projects over the years. If you want to start building cool devices or playing around on the weekends, the GrovePi+ is definitely worth your attention.

The kit is based around the GrovePi+ shield, which works with all recent Raspberry Pi models. This board has a microcontroller with universal Grove connectors and cables for attaching components.

The kit also includes a selection of sensors: rotary angle, sound, humidity and temperature, light, and ultrasonic. In addition, you get LED lights, a buzzer, and a button. You can use these Grove components to learn about your Pi and include them in future projects.

Order now to get the GrovePi+ Starter Kit for $89.99 to start building.

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