Seven products to optimize your home security, cleanliness, and efficiency

From cameras to a smart lock, there are always more ways to improve your home experience.

Keeping your home safe, clean and efficient provides peace of mind. Below we’ve rounded up seven products that can help, and they’re all on sale for a limited time. Read on for details:

The cameras

Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit
Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit Stack Commerce

The Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit (37 percent off for $74.99) goes beyond a basic, low-quality security camera system. It features enhanced night vision, a panoramic view, two-way audio, timely push alerts and a full month of battery life (or 2,800 alert triggers).

X1 Indoor Security Camera
X1 Indoor Security Camera Stack Commerce

Meanwhile, the X1 Indoor Security Camera (26 percent off for $73.99) provides a 360-degree view, quality 1080p streaming and smart alerts. The X1 camera blends into your home environment, is able to record anywhere and has a built-in 110-decibel siren activated with a simple click.

The lock

TOKK™ Fingerprint Smart Lock
TOKK™ Fingerprint Smart Lock Stack Commerce

Most of us recall standing at our middle school locker, flipping some numbers around on an old-school lock and trying to remember our combination in vain. The TOKK™ Fingerprint Smart Lock, 50 percent off at $24.99, allows you to access your precious goods with simple fingerprint recognition that takes less than half-a-second to work. It’s rechargeable via microUSB and allows 100 unlocks per charge. Your whole family (and closest friends) can use it, too, as you can program up to 20 fingerprints.

The baby monitor

Video Breathing Monitor
Video Breathing Monitor Stack Commerce

Hearing your baby’s sounds when they’re sleeping just isn’t enough for total peace of mind. The Smart Beat Video Breathing Monitor (currently $284) captures, analyzes and documents every single breath, and studies how the pixels change in color every time your baby moves. Smart Beat sends you notifications when it detects an issue such as clinical apnea or a breathing rate above or below normal levels, or simply when your baby wakes up or falls asleep.

The deodorizer

Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer
Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer Stack Commerce

Who has time to manually ensure each piece of meat, produce and dairy in your fridge is fresh, and that funk hasn’t taken hold of your space? The Gotek Smart Fridge Deodorizer (16 percent off for $99.99) kills more than 96% of bacteria to help create a healthy environment for food storage and preservation. Double the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables and improve your nutrition in a hands-off way.

The blinds

AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller (5-Pack)
AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller (5-Pack) Stack Commerce

With the AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller (5-Pack) you can control your home’s privacy and security from an app on your phone. Automate your window shades, blinds and curtains by setting custom schedules and timers throughout the day, week and month. It’s on sale for 19 percent off at $799.99.

The whole home

JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini
JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini Stack Commerce

Using the JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini (51 percent off at $16.99), you can unplug and enjoy your Google Home anywhere you’d like with a portable and wireless base. The Google Home easily slides into the battery base, which features up to eight hours of battery life. LED light indicators inform you how much power is left.

Prices subject to change.

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