Transform your AC into a smart air system with these deals

Stay cool this summer while saving money upfront and on energy bills.

Depending on where you live, you may run the air conditioning at your home a handful of times throughout the summer or so regularly that you’re scared to look at your electric bill at the end of the month. Either way, there’s a smarter and more cost-effective way to keep your home cool, even if you have an old AC unit at your place. Today, we have two items on sale from the PopSci Shop that will help you convert your AC into a smart air system without breaking the bank.

Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

The Sensibo Air + Room Sensor is a kit that empowers you to turn your AC into an indoor climate ecosystem. Sensibo Air is a small device that retrofits air conditioners or heat pumps that have remote controls and turns them into smart sensing machines. With an always-on motion sensor, your AC unit or heat pump will turn on whenever you enter a room and off when you leave it. Meaning, you’ll never cool an empty room again, which not only saves you money but also reduces the amount of energy you consume. In other words, you’ll always enjoy the perfect temperature and humidity at home with Sensibo, while saving on money and energy as well.

Get the Sensibo Air + Room Sensor on sale today for $179, reduced 10 percent from its original price tag of $199.

Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller

Sensibo SKY is a tiny device that connects air conditioners to the internet. Similar to the previous deal, you can use Sensibo SKY with any AC that has a remote control, making your traditional unit a new, smart device that’s better for comfort and energy consumption. With Sensibo Sky, you can control your AC from anywhere, monitor temperature and humidity, and turn it on/off based on your geo-location. As PCMag puts it, “The Sensibo Sky is a cool way to bring smart features to your old air conditioner.”

Get the Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller on sale today for $99, reduced 33 percent from its original price tag of $149.

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