Save up to 84 percent on a lifetime subscription to this language learning app

Learn a new language with FunEasyLearn’s courses and powerful vocabulary trainer.

Learning a new language is an ambitious and practical goal many people set for themselves throughout life. Just as cool, it’s a lifelong pursuit that comes with a ton of benefits, from improving your memory and increasing your verbal intelligence to helping you connect with different people around the world.

Yet, learning a second or third language can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to practice conversing with a native speaker. That’s part of the reason why language learning apps have become more popular in recent years, which brings us to these excellent deals from the PopSci Shop.

FunEasyLearn helps you learn a new language by giving you convenient access to a comprehensive library of online courses and a powerful vocabulary trainer, and lifetime subscriptions to the app are on sale today. Get access to one language for $39 (reduced 84 percent from $249) or access to all 34-languages for $69 (reduced 76 percent from $299).

This app makes it easier to learn a new language from the comfort of home. For starters, it offers 34 languages from around the world. That means you get a tool to learn everything from the most commonly spoken languages, like Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish, to languages that are a bit more niche, such as Catalan, Croatian, Finnish, and Greek. In other words, if there’s a language you want to learn, chances are you’ll find it supported by FunEasyLearn.

Alongside mastering the language of your choice, you also get to enjoy a varied learning experience with this app. FunEasyLearn includes 320 useful topics for every language, from greetings and food to business and leisure time. These different categories allow you to learn key words, phrases, and sentence structures at a much faster pace, accelerating your language acquisition and teaching you everyday things a native speaker uses in conversations. On top of that, the app comes with 30 vocabulary games that help you improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Combine those features with the app’s 10 levels of difficulty, and you’ll find it easy plus rewarding to track your progress as you move from a complete beginner to a language pro.

Finally, FunEasyLearn has stellar customer reviews and ratings for both Apple and Android devices. It currently has a 4.7/5-star review on the App Store and 4.5/5-star review on Google Play. So, you can be confident that you will have a great learning experience using this app.

Overall, FunEasyLearn makes it easier and rewarding to learn a new language. Get a lifetime subscription for one language for $39 or a lifetime subscription for 34 languages for $69.

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