Learn the basics of power and electrical engineering with this training

Nine courses will get you up to speed on mechanical, electrical and power systems.

Power engineering is a challenging field, so give yourself an advantage over your competitors by learning the fundamentals of power and electrical engineering with The Fundamentals of Power & Electrical Engineering Bundle to put you a step ahead.

You’ll get 32 hours of content and nine different courses in this bundle, which includes 166 individual lessons. You’ll also have lifetime access to all the lessons, allowing you to work at your own pace and the ability to go back and review any lessons whenever you need a refresher.

All of the classes are taught by two experts in the field, John Peterson and Ahmed Mahdy, who has a passion for bringing the latest trends and technologies to his lessons. And past students have found the classes quite valuable, rating them from 4.2 to 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The courses begin with an overview of data centers, the vital, but fairly unknown, heart of engineering. You will cover standards, terminology, and acronyms used in data centers, giving you a working knowledge stronger than the majority of employees already in the industry.

You’ll then move on to courses on cooling and mechanical systems, and power and electrical systems to get an overview on all types of engineering, These classes will help you decide if one area interests you more than others, and whether or not it is something you would want to pursue more deeply.

Mahdy takes over instruction the rest of the way, starting with a course on synchronous generators before moving on to simulate power electronic circuits. Subsequent classes cover inverters, DC chopper circuits, AC chopper circuits, and rectifiers in power engineering.

Each of these classes is valued at $200 each, making the total value $1,800. But for a limited time, the entire power and electrical engineering bundle can be yours for just $39.99, a savings of more than 97 percent.

Prices subject to change.