These innovative food lids can help you save money (and the planet)

Made from silicone, they are easy to clean and heat-proof.

Government stats show that 30-40 percent of our overall food supply goes to waste. Even when we do remember to preserve our leftovers, we generally use plastic wrap. These facts make difficult reading for anyone who cares about the planet. The Food Guard Lid was designed to solve these problems. Made from high-quality silicone, it is heatproof, stretchable, stackable, and easy to wash. You can currently get a five-pack at the PopSci Shop for $16.99.

US households throw out around 150,000 tons of food every day. That is the equivalent of one pound per person. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s bad for our wallets.

By covering your leftovers with a Food Guard, you can save the planet and save money. These lids can stretch to two or three times their original size, meaning they will fit on almost any container. They form an airtight seal, locking in the goodness and keeping out germs.

The silicone is strong enough to support the weight of stacked containers, and it’s heatproof up to 446°F. Being dishwasher-safe, these lids are also easy to keep clean.

Order now for $16.99 to save 15 percent on a pack of five, worth $19.99.

Prices subject to change