Say goodbye to foggy glasses and hello to clear vision with FogBlock

This spray makes it easy to wear glasses and a mask together when you’re in public.

Wearing a mask everywhere you go is a challenge, especially if you regularly wear glasses or sunglasses. Whether it’s walking the dog, shopping at your favorite grocery store, or spending some time in the great outdoors, wearing a mask while rocking glasses inevitably leads to unwanted fog, making it nearly impossible to see what’s beyond your lenses. Rather than deal with foggy lenses daily, though, there are quick and easy ways to take care of the issue. And that’s where this sweet deal from the PopSci Shop makes a difference.

FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses keeps your glasses and face shield clear for up to 24 hours with no wiping required. You can get it on sale today for $12.99 and save 13 percent off its original price tag of $14.

This anti-fog spray makes it easier than ever to see through your lenses while wearing a PPE mask. For starters, it’s incredibly simple to use and safe for all lenses. Just spray FogBlock on your eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, or face shield, let the spray dry for five minutes and enjoy clear vision all day. So, you get to skip the hassle of using a cloth to wipe in the spray with this solution.

As already mentioned, this safe and effective formula lasts up to 24 hours. So, whether you’re heading out for work in the morning or spraying your lenses at night, you always get a full day’s worth of clear vision before needing to reapply the spray to prevent foggy lenses. Best of all, this anti-fog, streak-free formula comes in a clear container that’s perfect for travel. Weighing only one fluid ounce, FogBlock is a must-have for your airport and travel experiences as you head off to new destinations.

FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses lets you enjoy a crisp, clear view when you’re out and about wearing a mask with any of your lenses. Grab it on sale today for $12.99.

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