Let this robot vacuum clean your house for you

With anti-collision technology and a large dust bin, this vacuum is what you need.

Imagine getting every floor in your house clean without having to lift a finger. That dream can become a reality with this amazing Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum that also doubles as a mop and sweeper.

The thin body makes it easy to reach anywhere in the house, from under the couch to the corner of the playroom. Thanks to a 1,600PA suction, this robot vacuum will get all your dust, dirt and other elements as it navigates your home.

And, speaking of navigation, this vacuum knows its way around your home and can do so without issues. It features intelligent anti-collision technology to prevent it from colliding with furniture while cleaning, and also automatically retreats when hitting a drop of 8 cm or more, meaning your robot won’t go tumbling down the stairs.

The device will work up to two hours on a single charge, meaning it will always be ready to clean when you call on it. And, it should never run dry, thanks to technology that automatically recharges itself if the power ever drops to 20 percent remaining.

You won’t have to worry about constantly having to dump the debris, thanks to a large dust bin for more storage and less emptying frequency. You can also decide on a variety of cleaning modes, including auto clean, spot clean, edge clean and point clean. The robot can also be scheduled to run when you’d like, whether you prefer it to clean while you’re out of the house, or if you get some joy out of sitting on the couch while the robot does the work for you,

A double-layer turbo fan means this vacuum will provide twice the amount of suction as a regular vacuum cleaner.

Here’s the best part: You can clean up right now on the price. Normally available for $129. you can get the floor cleaning robot vacuum for a limited time for just $39.95, a savings of more than 69 percent.

Prices subject to change.