Master the art of meditation with this discounted iPhone app

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It’s no secret: these are unprecedented and troubling times. So, it’s perfectly natural to experience a heightened level of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety is natural, and it’s essential to learn how to manage it. To calm the body and mind, Mayo Clinic’s mind-body counselor Kristin Lothman suggests guided mediation.

If you need help getting started, consider the FitMind: Neuroscience-Based Meditation App. FitMind promises to help its users master meditation through a series of guided lessons. And right now, you can pick up two-years of access for just $49. This system normally costs $200, so this is a particularly exciting deal.

To maximize its effectiveness, its developers focused on balance; they ensured that learning meditation through the app isn’t too complicated or over-simplified, and teaches ancient techniques in a modern, approachable, and quantifiable way.

In fact, you’ll learn the science and psychology on why techniques are effective plus how you can apply them throughout your day. One neat feature: FitMind offers a way to track your progress intelligently.

FitMind offers daily challenges to make meditation a part of your new, more mindful lifestyle, instead of a one-time thing.

Plus, the app, which requires iOS 12.0 or later, improves every single day, with more lessons added regularly. It even includes resources to keep your progress growing, such as access to a meditation community, scientific research, and recommended reading.

If you’re serious about learning how to use meditation to combat anxieties, big and small, consider that Fortune 500 companies, schools, and government organizations use the FitMind training program. After 528 reviews, FitMind currently has a 4.8-star rating in the App Store.

You can rest easy, knowing this is a great offer. Right now, you can pick up two year’s worth of access to the FitMind: Neuroscience-Based Meditation App for just $49 (that’s 75 percent off) by clicking here today.