Reach your goals for less with the Fitbit Ionic

If you need to know just how your resolution is going, the Ionic makes it as simple as strapping on a watch.

Accountability and data make you both more likely to exercise, and more likely to exercise harder. Yet, we can’t always grab a buddy for a run, or make the kids time our laps. Fortunately, there’s another option; a fitness tracker like the Fitbit Ionic, which is currently $179.99, at 28 percent off the MSRP.

The Ionic is designed to automatically gather everything you want to know about your workout with a mix of sensors and tracking tools.

The back of the Ionic includes green LEDs that use photoplethysmography. Blood more readily absorbs green light, and as your pulse rises and falls, the Ionic tracks changes in light absorption, tracking your heart rate non-invasively.

GPS tracking follows your cycling, runs, and kayak trips, and measures precise distance, so you always know exactly where you went, and how fast you got there.

A 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter help track your pace and altitude, so you can measure the hills and valleys, as well.

All those sensors are packed into an aluminum case and elastomer band, so it won’t corrode or soak up sweat, no matter how hard you push yourself. The battery can last for up to five days on normal mode or ten hours of intense workouts, making it simple to track each workout. You can also configure it to track specific exercises, like cycling or yoga, making logging as simple as a few taps.

Over time, the companion app will collate all the data into easy-to-read charts and graphs, so you can see where you’re improving, and where you might need to pick up the pace. So, if you like to know exactly how long you worked out, how far, and how your body benefited from it, at $179.99, for 28 percent off, the Ionic will be your constant companion.

Prices subject to change.