This spice grinder is a total game changer

Make life in the kitchen easier.

C’mon, we’re all spending a little more time in our kitchens this year. When the world went on lockdown, many people were forced to. Along the way, a few of you might’ve even gotten good in the kitchen… like really good. If that’s the case, you’ll want to keep reading.

Spices can be an especially annoying part of your kitchen routine, especially whole spices. Black pepper, dried thyme, and giant sea salt flakes are usually meant to be crushed before adding to your meal. Traditional spice grinders, however, require a lot of clean up in between spices. Well, not the FinaMill™ Bundle: Spice Grinder, Tray, FinaPods, & Batteries. This bad boy uses interchangeable spice and herb pods to keep each flavor as crisp as it can be. And it’s 20 percent off for only $43.99.

The goal of this product is to help home cooks create the perfect meal. After all, there’s no better flavor than a freshly ground spice. The grinder works with the push of a button. To change a spice or herb, you simply click it in. You don’t even have to touch the pod. With one hand, you push the grinder on top of the pod. It’s that simple.

You can adjust the FinaMill™ Bundle: Spice Grinder, Tray, FinaPods, & Batteries‘ settings to coarse, medium, and fine grinding. Whatever suits your needs. The spice pods are refillable, so you don’t have to worry about making more waste. You just fill them up when they run out. The gadget’s small sleek design made it a platinum winner for the 2020 A’Design Awards and Competition. It even comes in three colors: black, red, or white.

Elevate your cooking experience with the FinaMill™ Bundle: Spice Grinder, Tray, FinaPods, & Batteries. When you taste that freshly ground cumin in your curry, you won’t regret spending the $43.99.

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