These best-selling, high-tech face coverings are on sale this week

These great options will have you ready to handle the challenges ahead.

surge of COVID-19 cases continues to alter life for essentially everyone, and more challenges await in 2021. Fortunately, advancements in mask-wearing technology have provided new solutions and innovative opportunities to approach daily endeavors with confidence in personal comfort and safety.

With so many options, here’s a rundown of best-selling, high-tech masks that are on sale to welcome a new year.

Bone Conduction Audio Mask
Bone Conduction Audio Mask Stack Commerce

This is a great option for those who stay physically active on a consistent basis. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this mask lets you listen to music, pick up calls, and listen to real-time navigation while you’re athletically engaged. Whether jogging, hiking, biking, a Bone Conduction speaker frees your ears and lessens direct harm to your eardrums, while allowing you to remain engaged with your surroundings. Snag it on sale for $99 (reg. $84.95).

Copper.Ion Mask
Copper.Ion Mask Stack Commerce

Recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the first solid antimicrobial material —killing up to 99.8 percent of bacteria in a three-hour span — and, in this remarkable design, copper is woven into the mask’s fibers to help strengthen protection, along with supplying superior durability and odor reduction reduces. Stylish and contoured for a close fit around your face, this mask features adjustable earloop straps, is machine washable, and uses five-layer filter technology to handle particles of various types and sizes. Take advantage of a price drop to $19.99 (reg. $25), and gain even more value with a two-pack for $29.99 (reg. $50), five-pack for $59.99 (reg. $125) or 10-pack for $99 (reg. $250).

Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask
Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask Stack Commerce

Tired of dealing with foggy glasses caused by the moisture generated when you breathe in a mask? This device will leave you wondering how you ever went without it. Installed with a two-speed fan motor to keep things cool and prevent the steady buildup of sweat and heat that typically comes with breathing in a mask, it operates for up to six hours and features a four-layer KN95-certified filter. Don’t worry about sacrificing comfort or risking the overuse of unwashed hands-on mask adjusting. The sale price is slashed to $49.99 (reg. $139) for both the black model and the white model, or snag a two-pack for $86.99 (reg. $279) in the black model or the white model.

Ultramasx UltraOne Fan Mask with 4-Stage HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter
Ultramasx UltraOne Fan Mask with 4-Stage HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter Stack Commerce

Equipped with a two-speed electrically powered turbofan, it protects from harmful air pollution, smoke, bacteria, and viruses while helping you breathe better thanks to its electrically powered ventilation system. With its state-of-the-art four-stage HEPA and activated carbon filter, this mask keeps out more than 99.97 percent of suspended particles. A medical-grade silicone face seal features thin straps that limit skin contact, and this mask is USB rechargeable while lasting three years with impressive durability. Save on this product with a price tag of $69.95 (reg. $89) for the white model or the black model.

Tekto Copper.Ion Mask with PM2.5 Filter
Tekto Copper.Ion Mask with PM2.5 Filter Stack Commerce

This copper-infused mask filters out 99 percent of harmful particles without compromising breathability. Five-layer technology — an outside PP layer, an active carbon layer, two electro layers, and an inside PP layer — provides superior protection, and this product has been tested and approved at an FDA-certified facility. Its PM2.5 filter is tested and certified for standards that are similar to the N95 — a top example cited by the FDA. Jump on a discounted price of $20.99 for one (reg. $29), or $29.99 for two (reg. $59), or $66.99 for five (reg. $99).

Electric Fan Intelligent Mask with 4 Filters
Electric Fan Intelligent Mask with 4 Filters Stack Commerce

Powered by a small electric fan that makes breathing easy, this mask is rechargeable and comes with four replacement filters that can each last up to one month. Consider this an anti-fog, anti-formaldehyde, anti-second-hand smoke, and anti-bacterial answer for your everyday needs, featuring filter elements that compare to KN95 and N95 masks. Secure major savings with a sale price of $41.99 (reg. $129).

MaskFone: Smart Face Mask + Filter Bundle
MaskFone: Smart Face Mask + Filter Bundle Stack Commerce

It provides maximum protection against airborne health risks while presenting a new solution for taking phone calls and listening to music in public spaces. Boasting a luxurious aesthetic and exceptional comfort, it’s wireless Bluetooth headset supplies up to eight hours of playtime. The built-in microphone and lightweight earbuds provide crystal clear audio unattainable with any other mask, so stop trying to juggle multiple devices and enjoy this multi-functional option for a discounted cost of $42.99 (reg. $49).

Prices subject to change.