Cruise the streets in style with this all-terrain electric skateboard

This electric skateboard is a must-buy for the summer months.

With summer just around the corner, it might be time to think about a convenient outdoor travel solution that will let you skate streets and sidewalks without ever having to push. Meet the Black Rover, the 21st century electric skateboard from Faboard, currently available for 19 percent off of its regular rate. 

This sleek, artful board merges effective and assisted transportation with the freedom of skateboarding. Weighing a little over 20lbs, the electric board lets you glide freely through the streets and most terrains for up to 17 miles on a single charge. In addition to the surreal experience of cruising through fresh air with the wind in your face, the board offers riders a mode of transport that’s faster than walking, and more environmentally friendly than driving a car. 

Powered by two 1000W motors for an optimum 24.8mph maximum speed, the Black Rover can hold up to 330lbs and carry you throughout town on a busy day. Constructed from quality 8-ply maple, Faboard’s Black Rover is streamlined, sturdy and water-resistant. Replete with snazzy electric features, the versatile board also comes with a remote for precise control of acceleration and breaking, 

The subject of rave reviews by users, the Faboard has been called “rad,” and “powerful.” One rider even said, “This skateboard has worked beautifully since the day it arrived.” Opting for a proven electric skateboard such as this is important for those looking to ensure a quality ride. Not only do the build and ride-ability define your ability to enjoy an electric skateboard, but a high-quality choice is also important for ensuring your safety as much as possible. 

Weave through rolling forested hills and bustling city streets atop the Black Rover—or, simply take it for an evening joyride around the neighborhood. Get around this summer in casual style at almost 20 percent off: score your Black Rover now for only $599.99.

Prices subject to change.