This six-speed massage gun is the perfect gift for any fitness buff

The ExoGun DreamPro is now 79 percent off MSRP.

Everyone who lifts weights or plays sport knows the feeling of sore muscles. The recovery period can take days, but there are ways to speed up the process. The ExoGun DreamPro Percussion Massage Device helps to relieve the pain and hasten your recovery, with six different speeds for impressive versatility. You can currently pre-order the DreamPro for just $119.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Billed as the first massage gun to feature six speeds, the DreamPro takes recovery to the next level. The device uses scientifically formulated percussions to stimulate better blood flow and knead away the knots.

The DreamPro comes with four attachments, each designed to target different muscle groups. You also have six speeds to choose from, ranging from high-impact muscle recovery to relaxing deep-tissue massage.

It only takes a few minutes to loosen up your muscles, and the unique shape of DreamPro ensures your arm does not absorb the vibrations. The massage gun offers four hours of battery life on a full charge, and it is small enough for travel.

The EvoGun DreamPro will retail for $599, but you can pre-order the device now for just $119.99 with this deal.

Prices subject to change