Take advantage of this sale on personal air conditioners before the heat hits

The best-selling EvaChill personal air conditioners are back in stock just in time for summer.

Worried about staying cool this summer as temperatures start to rise? Don’t sweat it.

Check out the EvaChill EV-500, the newest model from Evapolar that will leave your swamp coolers, house fans, and strategically placed damp clothes as absolute last resorts.

In short, the EvaChill — a 2019 Red Dot Design Award winner — is an ultra-lightweight, energy-efficient personal air conditioner. Featuring patented EvaBreeze material, this ultra-portable gadget is biosafe, eco-friendly, and incredibly easy to use.

The EvaChill’s natural evaporative cooling effect can drop the air temperature down to 59 degrees in just 10 minutes. How exactly does it work? Simply fill the water tank on the EvaChill and connect it to a power supply to start cooling off. The cartridge absorbs large amounts of the water, which then spreads evenly through the cooling pads. As the air blows through the cooling pads, the water evaporates and lowers the air temperature around you.

Its portability will help keep you from having to station yourself directly in front of it — and it’s much more environmentally-friendly than standing in front of the fridge with the freezer door open. In addition to cooling you off almost instantly, the EvaChill acts as a humidifier and also filters out dust particles which improves the air quality (meaning better sleep quality for you).

Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable at just $79.99, a 19% discount on the original price tag of $99. Snag one in white, grey, or pink to match your home aesthetic while it’s on sale.

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