Improve your remote meetings with this high-quality webcam and microphone

Connect it to any device with a USB port and you’ll be ready to have an advanced video call experience.

If this past year has taught workers anything, it’s the value of a quality camera and microphone for those remote meetings and long-distance family gatherings. That is exactly what you’ll get with the EssentialTech HD Workspace Webcam, available for a limited time with special President’s Day pricing.

This is a plug-and-play device that uses a USB cable to connect to any laptop, PC, or tablet with an available port. It offers a high-performance webcam delivering 1080p quality, so your co-workers, friends, and family will have no issues seeing you clearly.

And, if you want to look even better for those meetings, this device offers multiple viewing angles to make you look your best and to capture the background you’re striving to include during your meetings. Simply attach it to the top of your monitor, or set it to the side or on a lift to get the angle you’re looking for.

You’ll also sound your best during your meetings with the EssentialTech microphone, which features built-in omnidirectional sound pickup. There will be no more leaning in to get close to your laptop microphone so others can hear you clearly.

At just 3 inches long and 1 inch tall, this webcam won’t take up much space on your desk or table. And, despite its size, it will support 3D de-noising, image enhancement, dynamic contrast, and other processing functions. It also comes with a privacy filter to cover the camera when it’s not in use.

This EssentialTech HD Workspace Webcam normally runs $79, but for a limited time, can be yours for just $58.99, a 26 percent discount. And, in honor of President’s Day, an additional 15 percent can be taken off the price, reducing it to $50.14, when you use coupon code PREZ2021 at checkout..

Prices subject to change.