The world of intelligent systems and machine learning can be a difficult road to journey, but it’s important knowledge to have if you hope to work in the information technology field. The Essential AI & Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle is a great place to start to get you moving on the right foot.

These four courses will give you 24 hours of instruction and close to 300 individual lessons, helping you gain a better understanding of intelligent systems. The classes are taught by instructors from Grey Campus, an online training organization that specializes in data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. 

The first class will give you the foundations you need when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Over the course of 72 lectures, this course provides the basics of Deep Learning by giving an insight of different neural networks. You’ll work with case studies, practice modules, and real-time projects to gain a better understanding of the material.

The second class covers data visualization with Python, one of the most common and important tools in the IT toolbox. You’ll work with 2D and 3D graphs, including bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, and more.

The third offering is a training course on computer vision, a field of study dealing with enabling computers to process high-level, complex digital images and videos. Over the course of 5.5. hours, you’ll start with the fundamentals before moving on to complex ideas and problem solving.

The final course is training in natural language processing, one of the most in-demand skill-sets needed today. You’ll study the concepts of NLP, learn to identify it in everyday situations, and learn how to build artificial intelligence for automation.

If purchased individually, these courses could cost you $656. But for a limited time, the 4/5-star-rated AI and Machine Learning training bundle can be yours for just $39.99, a 93 percent savings.

Prices subject to change.