Learn one of the most functional programming languages for under $40

Python has earned its place as a top general-purpose language.

Since its initial release in 1991, Python is one of the most readable high-level, general-purpose programming languages in existence. Often considered a “batteries included” language, Python supports a wide range of programming paradigms, including object-oriented and functional programming.

The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle features 12 courses and over one thousand lessons to teach you the fundamentals of web and app design, data science, programming, and much more. The entire bundle is on sale right now for just $39.96.

Data Science

Data scientists are needed by companies around the world. Whereas gathering data was itself a laborious job just a few decades ago, today the problem is what to do with all of the available data on hand. Python makes analyzing giant data sets easy. In this bundle, you’ll find a course dedicated to teaching you every step of data analysis, including data visualization tools, artificial neural networks, deep learning structures, and statistical modeling.

Network Scripts

Even those with little to no experience in coding or network automation will be quickly immersed in Python’s programming capabilities. In just a few courses you’ll go from “Hello World!” to building complex network applications. Python 3 allows you to connect to any network device quickly and easily.

Machine Learning

Learning Python will open the doors to some of the top companies in the world, as Dropbox, IBM, and Facebook all use the language. Machine Learning is one of the hottest fields right now. In one course, you’ll learn how to store, filter, manage, and manipulate data, all skills that will aid you in your next career move.

The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle is on sale now for $39.96, a 97% discount from the list price.

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