Mop, polish, and scrub your floor simultaneously with this remarkable appliance

This battery-operated device allows you to reach every corner on any type of surface.

Get your floors – all of your floors – clean with just one device. The Elicto ES-530 eliminates the need for other mops, scrubbers, and polishers, it will do it all on every floor in your house, no matter the surface.

What makes the Elicto different is the technology that combines three different elements in one tool. Not only is it a spinning mob, but it also works as a polisher and scrubber at the same time. You simply move it over the area you need clean, and the mop does all the work for you.

This appliance is also wireless, working off a 2,200mAh battery that operates up to 30 minutes on a single charge. No more stretching your appliance as far as the cord will reach, even if that corner of the kitchen doesn’t get clean. The Elicto will reach anywhere you need.

The device features two high-speed mop heads, so when you need that extra burst of power to clean up a sticky spill, you can take the mop to the next level. It also features a dual-spin mop head for efficient and powerful cleaning.

And, when you come across a particularly bad spill or stain on your floor, the mop features a dedicated button for cleaning solution or water spraying. The mop will work hard for you, and all you have to do is push the button and hold the mop in place over the stain.

In addition to the mop, you’ll get two sets of microfiber mop heads, a funnel, beaker, and two AAA batteries with your purchase, giving you everything you need to put the appliance to work right away.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this multi=purpose Elicto ES-530 mop and polisher. And it can be yours today for just $119.99 with coupon code ELICTO20P.

Prices subject to change