According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent illness with a highly infectious virus like COVID-19 is to prevent being exposed to the virus in the first place. To protect as many people as possible, the CDC recommends using face masks to cover the nose and mouth.

As you already know, this is a preventative measure that won’t eliminate COVID-19 but aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. On top of that, you probably now know that the CDC recommends masks that meet certain standards. If you need a new mask—one that meets CDC standards and surpasses them in many ways—then you’ll want to check out this deal from the PopSci Shop.

The Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask lets you enjoy a continuous cycle of clean, fresh air with its four-layer filter and LED fan motor. Normally $139, you can pick it up on sale today for $49.99 (64 percent off).

This innovative face mask makes it easier to protect yourself and those around you. For starters, it comes with a custom four-layer KN95 certified filter designed to keep the air you breathe clean. To break that down a bit, its first layer is a strong antibacterial net that filters large particles, impurities, and bacteria in the air. Up next, the second layer features an activated carbon filter for sterilization and deodorization, which absorbs odors from formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances.

Its third layer is a HEPA filter that handles particulate matter (PM2.5), including pollen, smoke, and dust. Finally, its fourth layer is a shielding protection net, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth and releases negative oxygen ions. When you combine all of that, it means the mask removes up to 99.979 percent of fine contaminants over 0.3μm from the air and provides you with enhanced protection against viruses like COVID-19.

Alongside that powerful custom four-layer filter, this mask also comes with a LED fan motor. This two-speed fan cycles the air to make it easier to breathe, prevents moisture from building up inside the mask, and stops eyewear from fogging up during use. In other words, it makes the otherwise inconvenient reality of wearing a mask much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, The Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask provides you enhanced protection and lets you enjoy a continuous cycle of clean, fresh air. Pick it up on sale today for $49.99.

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