Automate your cleaning with 62 percent off a robotic vacuum cleaner

Never worry about dust bunnies again.

It may have surprised physicists that matter can be created in a vacuum, but anybody who’s found more dust bunnies a day after sweeping wasn’t shocked. Fortunately, science has also engineered the solution in a robotic vacuum cleaner. And you can get your very own, an ECOVACS DEEBOT 601, for $129.99, 62 percent off the retail price.

The DEEBOT scans your living space as it cleans, so it can easily pop out and tidy up while you’re at work or out with friends. As it works, the edge brushes and main brush combine for a three-stage cleaning system that lifts, sweeps dirt into the center, and vacuums. This means your floor is cleaner with one pass, and, since it’s got a low profile, it can slide under your furniture to remove even the most recalcitrant dust. Let it wander and grab, or use the Smart Motion mapping to create a cleaning plan.

It’s easy to control as well with three different modes to vacuum the whole room, just a specific place, or clean off those pesky baseboards. The ECOVACS app gives you scheduling tools, a room map to deploy the vacuum where you need it most, and notifications if your little buddy finds himself with an unusual mess or stuck under your couch. Multiple people can connect to the DEEBOT through the app as well, limiting the excuse from roommates or certain family members to help clean up.

You can even use voice commands, as the DEEBOT can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. When it’s all done, it can tuck itself away anywhere you can plug in the dock, and will be fully charged in four and a half hours. So, you can quickly order it to get going and check one more chore off your list. So if you’re sick of proving that dust can appear no matter how hard you clean, get a DEEBOT for $129.99, 62% off the MSRP, and let a robot handle the dirt.

Prices subject to change.