This dog DNA test can give you a closer look at your pup’s genetic background

Learn more about your dog and what you can do to keep it healthy.

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a vast range of health conditions. Some are relatively common, while others are more breed-specific. For instance, Siberian huskies are prone to autoimmune conditions, while beagles can suffer from epilepsy according to WebMD. As owners, we are often unaware of these underlying health risks—particularly if your dog is adopted.

By revealing the genetic heritage of your four-legged friend, the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test helps you discover potential health risks you need to be aware of. Normally priced at $225, the kit is now only $178.99 at the PopSci Shop.

While the genetic history of purebred dogs is recorded, mutts can be difficult to place. In addition, around 44 percent of all dogs are adopted. The family tree of these puppers is almost always shrouded in mystery.

The Breed Identification Test by DNA My Dog helps you uncover the backstory of your canine friends with 99.97 percent genetic accuracy.

The kit includes two sterile swabs that you can use to collect DNA from your pet. The process is painless and takes just two minutes. You then seal these samples in the supplied envelopes and send them to the DNA My Dog lab. Experts then analyze the sample to provide a unique genetic evaluation.

Within two weeks, you receive the results in the form of a detailed report. It contains information on the dominant breeds in your dog’s ancestry and a summary of their key personality traits. This can help when it comes to training your pooch and understanding their behavior.

In addition, the report uncovers potential health concerns. In many cases, this allows you to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of long-term harm—such as managing weight and avoiding certain foods.

You also get a percentage breakdown of your dog’s DNA, and a custom photo certificate that summarizes their canine family tree. It’s a great way to celebrate a valued member of your family.

Normally priced at $225, the test kit from DNA My Dog is now 20 percent off MSRP at $178.99.

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