This DIY drone is the perfect gift for the kid in your life

It teaches them STEM, too

At first glance, young tech-lovers seem fairly simple to shop for over the holidays. Just purchase the hottest video game of the moment, and you’re pretty much good to go. But hey, where’s the fun in that? They’ll probably forget about it a few years down the line. It’s best to give them something they’ll find extremely useful, ideally something they could learn from.

Instead of another game, feed their brains with this DIY Building Block STEM Drone. Not only will this toy enhance their hands-on practical skills, but it will also encourage them to head out and explore the outdoors. This drone set lets you create your own design based on an easy-to-follow guide, all while teaching you aerodynamics and load balance along the way. Once it’s put together, the drone can perform 360-degree stunt flips and all sorts of cool tricks. With built-in UAV technology, it also gives you the best flying experience.

Drone and STEM at the same time. Stack Commerce

Designed for kids from six to 10 years old, this drone may be just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. The drone can be built in multiple configurations, so it’s fun to build and fly over and over again.

Give the gift of a STEM project this holiday season with this DIY drone set. You can grab one now on sale for only $49.99 — a 61 percent off the usual cost of $129.

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