Get this to up your desk game

Save 14 percent on the DeskSpace planetary system and get inspired.

Office small talk can be awkward, at best. When you’re done asking about the kids and avoiding politics like the plague, you may find yourself at a loss for what to say. Inspire fun and intriguing conversation with this DeskSpace planetary system.

The planets in the DeskSpace planetary system set are cross-referenced with NASA satellite images for stunning accuracy. Your clients and desk patrons will be captivated by the tactile piece that can be picked up, admired, and talked about.

Conversations across a desk can make you feel disconnected while you’re trying to foster a client or colleague relationship of trust. A quick look at the planets that surround you could foster an existential connection that may bond you in a deeper way.

There are certainly days lately where clients don’t come in, and the physical presence of colleges are scarce. These times are often the most difficult to feel creative and inspired. A quick glance at the artistry of the DeskSpace planetary system and the beauty of the universe around you just might inspire the ideas you’ve been looking for.

The multicolor gemstone set is handcrafted and sits on a solid walnut wooden base. The set has been featured in publications like Yanko Design, Touch of Modern, and K11 Design Store for its gemstone depiction of the solar system, excluding Neptune.

If you’re one of the many parents home with children during the school and camp closures, you may be looking for something to inspire and intrigue during an otherwise boring lesson plan. Nothing beats a tactile model to help students think, explore, and learn. This set can help with a science lesson or a simple conversation about how the day is going while you both fidget with the smooth planets.

Enhance your work or home desk with the DeskSpace planetary system for inspiration, conversation, and education.