Master today’s most in-demand creative skills with these Adobe training courses

Discover the concepts and techniques behind design, digital photography, and video production.

Digital technology has given creative thinkers plenty of exciting ways to both express themselves and earn a living. More often than not, that means landing a role in digital marketing. Yet, there are also plenty of opportunities for self-motivated individuals to pursue purely creative jobs if they can master any or all of today’s most popular digital-based creative disciplines, including design, digital photography, and video production. Discover how you can build essential digital marketing skills and cultivate your creativity with these bundles from the PopSci Shop.

Creative Adobe training courses.
The Essential 2020 Adobe CC Mastery Bundle Stack Commerce

This bundle of online courses helps you hone your design skills with 25+ hours of instructional video content on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Spark. These are four of the most commonly used applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC), which is a collection of 20+ applications and services used by design professionals across every industry.

Throughout each course in the bundle, an expert will guide you through the essentials of how to work with each application, as well as the most critical concepts at their foundations. Meaning, you’ll learn imaging concepts and photo editing in Photoshop; logo design and typography in Illustrator; business card, letterhead, magazine, poster, and flyer layout design in InDesign; and social media content design with Spark. 

By the time you complete these courses, some of which include hands-on mini-projects, you’ll be at a pro-level skill set. Pick up the bundle on sale today for just $29.99, which is 89 percent off its original cost of $297.

The Adobe XD Professional Certification Bundle
The Adobe XD Professional Certification Bundle Stack Commerce

Another widely used Adobe CC application is Adobe XD. Designers use XD to build an intuitive and delightful user experience (UX) for their web and mobile apps. This bundle helps you kickstart your design career with 34 hours of instructional video content on everything XD and UX.

In other words, this bundle helps you get up and running with this powerful software quickly. You’ll learn how to design a mobile app from scratch, prototype it so that it’s presentable for clients, discover how to work with developers to bring your app to life, and come to understand how best to handle and incorporate client feedback throughout the design process. Just as valuable, these courses teach you best practices for how to create websites that convert visitors into customers and how to make sites responsive for mobile and tablet users.

All in all, this bundle helps you launch your design career by diving deep with XD so you can confidently design mobile and web apps. Pick up the bundle on sale today for only $29.99.

The Essential Adobe Web Design Bundle
The Essential Adobe Web Design Bundle Stack Commerce

Up next, we have a four-course bundle that’s perfect for those who want to learn a little about everything related to web design. The Essential Adobe Web Design Bundle helps you take your skills to the next level with 7+ hours of video training on Adobe XD, Dreamweaver, Spark, and Premiere Rush.

Similar to the other courses in this bundle, an expert instructor will guide you through the basics of each application and teach you those applications’ foundational concepts. Unlike the other bundles, though, the courses within this one are bite-sized.

So, while you’ll still learn how to make designs, wireframes, and prototypes in XD, how to test and code your website with Dreamweaver, how to create professional social media posts in Spark, and how to edit videos like a pro in Premiere Rush, you’ll do so on an accelerated learning schedule. 

You can pick up The Essential Adobe Web Design Bundle on sale today for just $19.99.

The Essential 2020 Adobe Photography Training Bundle
The Essential 2020 Adobe Photography Training Bundle Stack Commerce

Digital photography lends itself well to photo editing. That’s one of the reasons why knowing how to take a great photograph and then being able to manipulate it with a photo editing software is such a strong one-two punch. The Essential 2020 Adobe Photography Training Bundle helps you kickstart a career in photography with 8+ hours of engaging video instruction on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

After a brief introduction to digital photography, you then dive into working with Photoshop. The course gets you up and running quickly with the software, teaching you first how to navigate its user interface and move around images with its navigation tools. Once familiar with the software, you then begin to practice and learn imaging concepts and photo editing techniques, ultimately completing a mini-project where you prepare images for print and online presentations. Much in the same way, you’ll walk through Lightroom and learn how to manage, fix, stylize, and edit numerous images at the same time. 

Overall, this bundle makes it easier to master the two most valuable Adobe applications when it comes to digital photography. Grab it on sale today for $29.99, and save 89 percent off its original price tag of $297.

The Complete Adobe Hollywood Filmmaker Bundle
The Complete Adobe Hollywood Filmmaker Bundle Stack Commerce

Last but not least, here’s a bundle that’s perfect for every aspiring filmmaker, video producer, or YouTuber. The Complete Adobe Hollywood Filmmaker Bundle teaches you everything you need to know to produce your next video with 24+ hours of expert training in Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Audition, and Spark. 

Right away, you have the opportunity to learn about one of two video editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush. Premiere Pro is the standard for timeline-based editing in Hollywood and gives you more advanced features than Premiere Rush. Although a bit more simplified, Premiere Rush is still a very robust video editing program, and its relatively easy learning curve makes it a better starting point for the less computer-savvy user. No matter which video editing software you select, you’ll be able to apply what you learn to the rest of the bundle to make professional-quality videos.

And with the rest of the bundle, you dive into other essential areas of video production. That means you will learn how to make special effects with After Effects, grasp the various elements of sound design with Audition, and learn how to promote your video with effective social media advertising in Spark. 

In short, this bundle helps you master the software Hollywood professionals use when creating motion pictures, giving you a strong technical and conceptual basis for your video projects. Grab the bundle on sale today for $39.99, reduced from its standard price tag of $495. 

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