Want to learn a new skill? Here are nine courses to help you get started.

Pick up a new hobby or start a lucrative side hustle with help from these online courses.

While social media provides a quick fix for boredom, there are more rewarding ways to use your free time. Maybe you already have an existing hobby, but would love to deepen your knowledge even further. Or maybe you’ve always secretly wanted to learn a new skill, or turn a newfound passion into a career, but had no idea where to start. These courses at the PopSci Shop can help you hit the ground running—now over 90 percent off the full price.

Shoot photos like a pro
Shoot photos like a pro Stack Commerce

Perfect for creative souls, this 10-course bundle shows you how to create stunning images. The training covers both shooting and editing techniques, along with the business side of starting a photography side hustle. Worth $1,164, the bundle is now only $29.

Make some sick beats
Make some sick beats Stack Commerce

Fancy yourself as the next Billboard sensation? With 60 hours of video training, this bundle helps you get started in music. The courses cover music theory, composition, singing techniques, audio production, and more. Normally worth $1,493, the training is now only $20.

Become a piano prodigy
Become a piano prodigy Stack Commerce

Aside from singing, playing keyboard is one of the best ways to make music. Pianoforall helps you master the popular rhythm style, with 10 hours of step-by-step instruction. The course also comes with nine music ebooks. Usually $199.99, this package is now just $19.99.

Create content that sells
Create content that sells Stack Commerce

Copywriting is a great gig for anyone with a gift for language. Through eight courses, this bundle helps you learn how professionals use words to change minds and generate sales. Order now for just $39 to get all 35 hours of training, worth $1,177.

Inspire others to lead healthier lives
Inspire others to lead healthier lives Stack Commerce

If you are already working on your own well-being, you might want to help other people get healthier. This course helps you become an accredited coach, with 10 hours of training working towards certification. Normally priced at $200, the training is now only $12.99.

Jam out on the guitar
Jam out on the guitar Stack Commerce

Featuring 59 hours of instruction, this bundle is the ultimate learning experience for aspiring guitar heroes. Starting from scratch, you discover how to strum and finger pick in a variety of popular styles—from bluegrass to jazz. The training is worth $1,601, but you can get it now for $29.

Create a game from scratch
Create a game from scratch Stack Commerce

So, you love playing games. Why not build some? This bundle helps you dive into game design and development, with 37 hours of hands-on instruction. Along the way, you create several playable titles. The courses are worth $999, but you can currently pay what you want for the training.

Sell your handmade creations on Etsy
Sell your handmade creations on Etsy Stack Commerce

If you already have a creative, crafty hobby, this bundle can help you make money from your passion. Through three courses, you discover how to launch and promote your storefront on Etsy. Worth $127 in total, the courses are now just $19.99.

Turn your blog into a business
Turn your blog into a business Stack Commerce

Sharing your thoughts online can be a very rewarding experience. This bundle shows you how to grow your audience, with three courses on writing and marketing. You even get coaching from the Managing Editor of a top tech blog. Order now for $29.97 to get the bundle, worth $177.

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