Coronavirus vaccines have been fast-tracked through the development pipeline, and we’re finally seeing frontline workers and at-risk groups receiving the first batch of doses. However, we shouldn’t revert back to our filthy habits once things return to normal. Viruses and bacteria are unseen threats that largely go unnoticed until it’s too late. Maintaining sanitary habits is crucial to reduce your likelihood of infection in the future, whether from COVID or otherwise.

One thing you might want to consider is investing in a copper bedding set. The coronavirus has been shown to persist for only four hours when in contact with copper. Not to mention, copper also has antimicrobial properties that can protect you from bacterial infections as well. If you’re looking for an extra safeguard against disease in the future, we recommend this 4-piece set, duvet cover, and pillowcases from Copper Linens. Plus, you can get an additional 20% off the sale price when you use coupon code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

Copper Linens offers high-quality bedding made of bamboo lyocell fabric that’s been infused with copper, a naturally antimicrobial material that eliminates 99% of bacteria, fungus, and mold. This will neutralize any contaminants you may be carrying into bed and prevents threats from sweat, saliva, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from flourishing on your very own bed.

The sheets themselves are percale weave featuring a 600 thread count that delivers a feel that’s soft, luxurious, and durable. The bamboo weave is both anti-odor and moisture-wicking, which keeps your bedding fresh longer, even if you sweat heavily at night. Speaking of which, Copper linen sheets are breathable and thermoregulating, so you’ll never feel too hot or too cold.

Whether you’re a self-professed germaphobe, or if you’re just looking for a luxurious experience that will keep you safe at night, these antimicrobial, self-cleaning sheets by Copper Linens fit the bill, and they’re on sale for a limited time. You can purchase these copper-infused bedding set, pillowcases, and duvet cover for just $111.96, $15.16, and $67.96 respectively when you use HOLIDAY20.

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