Get this top-of-the-line mask with carbon filter to protect yourself from contaminants

Get a single mask and filter, or check out the deals with multiple filters and masks

If this last year has taught us anything, it’s the value of a dependable mask. That is exactly what you’ll get with the CompressMax Air Face Mask, which is designed to protect you from airborne contaminants.

This mask features dual inhalation valves, adjustable velcro straps, and non-slip ear cords. The design guarantees you protection from the elements while also providing a comfortable fit, something vital for anyone wearing a mask for any significant portion of the day.

Each mask comes with a removable PM2.5 activated carbon filter that can be washed and reused, generally for about four weeks before it needs to be thrown out and replaced.

The dual respiration valves reduce heat and moisture build-up inside the mask, making it comfortable to breathe. An adjustable nose clip allows you to adjust the mask to fit your face. Finally, the ear straps are designed so the mask won’t slip while you’re active, whether it’s walking, running, biking, or more.

The masks are made from 100 percent polyester nylon mesh, a five-layer cotton, and the carbon filter. All of the designs are made to make you comfortable and safe. And, while the mask is washable, hand washing is highly recommended.

The CompressMax Air Face Mask with a single filter is available for a limited time for just $19.99, a 33 percent savings from the regular $29 price tag. But you can also get additional filters with your purchase:, or additional masks and filters:

  • The CompressMax Air Face Mask with six filters for $29.99, regularly $45, a 34 percent savings.
  • The CompressMax Air Face Mask with 11 filters for $38.99, regularly $59, a 34 percent savings.
  • Twenty CompressMax Air Face Masks with 20 filters for $359.99, regularly $599, a 39 percent savings.
  • Fifty CompressMax Air Face Masks with 50 filters for $809.99, regularly $1,349, a 39 percent savings.

Prices subject to change.