Résumés mishaps are deal-breakers according to most employers. Missing contact information or an unprofessional email address may not seem like that big of a deal, but they can make or break your chances of getting into your dream company or securing your desired role. Résumé mistakes offer a bad impression, and worse, they’ll cost you the job.

If you’re currently on the hunt for your next role, there’s no overstating how important it is to double-check your résumé. It pays to ensure that it has 0 mistakes and that it’s optimized well. To get the help you need, you can pick up the 2021 Complete Résumé Builder Bundle, which is packed with all the resources you can dream of to build a kickass resume, as well as tips and tricks in acing interviews. 

Here’s what’s in store:

Rezi AI-Powered Résumé Writing Software Pro

When it comes to your résumé, following a traditional template will no longer cut it. Most companies these days use complex applicant tracking systems (ATS), meaning you have to ensure that your résumé is ATS-friendly. The good news is Rezi is an AI-powered platform that helps you create such a résumé, one that is tailored to a specific job description. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it identifies common content errors that your current CV has like missing metrics and buzzwords and poor grammar and tells you how to improve them. It also fills you in on the keywords you need to include depending on the job description you input. That way, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by employers and land your dream role faster.

100 Premium Résumé & Cover Letter Templates

If you want to start from scratch, this bundle by ResumeInventor boasts 100 résumé templates and matching cover letters to serve as a springboard. Each one is designed in a way that will highlight your skills, work quality, professional experience, educational background, special abilities, and more. The templates are professionally designed by experts, and they’re all fully editable and easy to use. You have the option to edit them using any device, too, whether on your desktop, iOS, or Android.

Build the Best Résumé+Linkedin Profile Course

Recruiters and HR managers tend to search through LinkedIn to find prospects, so you have to ensure that your profile is presentable at all times. In this course, award-winning MBA professor and venture capitalist, Chris Haroun, will walk you through the process of creating an incredible LinkedIn profile—one that warrants a second look from HR professionals. You can expect to learn how to optimize profiles, publish professional-quality articles, and how to make your profile rank higher in Google search rankings. 

Learn to Interview Better than Anyone

Obviously, you can’t expect to snag a job without conquering an interview, which is why the bundle also includes a masterclass on how to master every type of interview you have to go through. With a 4.5 out of 5 average rating, this Chris Haroun-led course comprises 150 lectures and an 85-page Interview Success Journal, all of which can help you get a leg up on the competition. You’ll have a deeper understanding of how positive body language plays a part in getting hired, the proper way of adding structure to your answers, frameworks that the interviewer will appreciate, and responding to questions in a way that you know what will be asked of you next. In this course, you’ll discover how to think like the interviewer, increasing your chances of getting hired. 

When bought separately, all these items would set you back $3,115. But for a limited time, you can get them on sale for $39.99.

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