This huge 85-hour training bundle will help you learn Python programming

Discover how to build programs for $34.99.

When computer science students begin their education, they are taught Python. Why? This language is relatively easy to learn, yet powerful enough for building artificial intelligence and complex algorithms. If you would like to learn Python programming, the Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle is a great place to start. This collection of 12 courses offers a comprehensive introduction to the language. You can get the training now for $34.99 here.

Compared with other programming languages, Python is very versatile. It is used extensively in data science and machine learning. You can also use Python to automate daily tasks, and even build games.

This bundle helps you learn Python programming from the ground up, with 85 hours of training. Through hands-on video lessons you discover how to build programs from scratch—including an interactive financial chart and a web-based geocoder.

Separate courses in the bundle focus on data analytics, machine learning, image processing, data scraping, and cybersecurity. You can even learn how to design a game using Python. Each course helps you gain experience, and add certificates to your résumé.

It’s worth $2,030 in total, but you can grab the training now for $34.99.

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