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We all have a little more time to ourselves right now. And, while you can certainly pass the time with Netflix or Hulu, now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill. If you would like to take on a new challenge and improve your bank balance, software engineering is a career that is worth your attention, with the average engineer earning roughly $92,000 annually according to Glassdoor.

The Complete Introduction to Software Engineering Bundle helps you dive into this exciting niche, with 24 hours of beginner-friendly training. The content is worth $1,235, but you can pick it up now for only $59.99 at the PopSci Shop.

You might be wondering: what exactly is software engineering? If programming describes the basic skill, software engineering refers to the overall process.

Software engineers almost always work in a team, using methods borrowed from more traditional forms of engineering.

This bundle can help you work towards your first job, even if you are completely new to code. Through 13 video courses, you learn how to work with popular languages and frameworks, and even tinker with electronics.

Along the way, you will build a web server with NodeJS, craft programs with Ruby and Java, and start building cross-platform mobile apps with Phonegap.

The tutorials also introduce you to Google Go, Rust, Lua, and Perl — all powerful programming languages. In addition, you’ll master the basics of web development, dive into SEO, and discover how to build simple circuits.

These skills will set you up for a variety of technical careers. Just as importantly, you should come away with a nice portfolio and a certificate for each course you complete.

All the training comes from EDUmobile Academy, an online learning platform founded in 2008 by a computer science graduate. These courses have thousands of positive reviews between them, and the deal includes lifetime access.

Order now for just $59.99 to get all 13 courses, worth $1,235 altogether.

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