New to healthy eating? Let these expert chefs teach you how in this exclusive bundle

Learn to live well with this invaluable seven-course bundle.

As natural as a proper diet and exercise may be, it doesn’t always come naturally to people to change their current lifestyle. Whether it’s cutting back on animal products to reduce heart disease risk or exercising to lengthen your lifespan, eating a healthy vegan diet and exercising regularly can drastically improve your health and longevity. The problem is that making healthier choices can often be confusing and overwhelming. 

That’s why The Complete Healthy Living & Cooking Bundle is a solid foundation in starting a new, healthier life immediately. For just $29.99, you can bolster your culinary skills and finally live your best life with 24 hours of content on vegan cooking, building a diet plan, exercising effectively, and so much more. 

This seven-course bundle features courses that delve into culinary topics like whole food cooking, vegan cooking and nutrition, superfood nutrition, and even how to bake the best vegan cookies. Two fitness courses explain the relationship between a healthy mind and healthy body, focusing on how to build a motivational mindset when developing new fitness and diet regimens. 

These heavily discounted courses also feature popular chefs and fitness instructors to ensure that you’re getting a fantastic education for an unbeatable price. Nikki Vranjican, or “Nikki Vegan” on YouTube, teaches a course on quick and easy vegan cooking. Amy Kimmel, who teaches the course on vegan baking, is a professional baker-turned-educator with 15 years of professional baking experience and over 30,000 students worldwide. Felix Harder is a certified nutritionist and fitness coach who has successfully taught over 20,000 students about fat loss, muscle growth, meal planning, gym workouts, healthy living, and self-improvement.

Once you know to lead a healthy lifestyle, the rest is easy—and The Complete Healthy Living & Cooking Bundle is the easiest way to get there. For just $29.99, you can learn the secrets to healthy living and eating for a fraction of the price. 

Prices subject to change.