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If you are trying to build a brand or sell a product, being able to write persuasively is a valuable skill. So valuable, that top freelance copywriters can earn well over $100k. If you want to learn the art of written promotion, the 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle is a great place to start. This bundle brings together 11 top courses, delivered by an industry veteran. You can get the training now for $38.99 at the PopSci Shop.

While fiction writing is very much an art form, copywriting is more like a science. From experience and received wisdom, professional writers know exactly what language will make people click a link or buy a product.

Alan Sharpe knows the tricks off by heart, having spent 30 years in the business of copywriting. In this bundle, he becomes your personal teacher.

Through concise video lessons, Sharpe guides you through the creative process—from crafting your headline to publishing your work. You learn how to draft blogs and landing pages, while avoiding the mistakes that most rookies will make. The training also covers sales copy, WordPress, and the world of freelance writing.

Worth $699.90, these courses are now just $38.99 with the bundle.

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