Learn the exotic side of finance with this cryptocurrency trading bundle

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Open-source big-data tools and cryptocurrencies have had surprising effects on all sorts of markets, from the prosaic stocks and bonds world to the more exotic world of art and collectibles. Whether you’re looking to experiment with them as investments or want to understand how they work and how their markets function, the Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Bundle, just $29.99, a 97 percent discount, lays out the exotic end of modern finance, and how to make it work for you.

The Basics

The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course A to Z in 2021
The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course A to Z in 2021 Stack Commerce

If you’re new to finance, or simply aren’t sure where traditional finance approaches are used and new ones are deployed on cryptocurrency markets, start with The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course A to Z in 2021 and The Complete Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies Trading Course in 2020.

The former will show you how the private cryptocurrency exchanges work, how to apply risk management principles when using them, and how to approach riskier strategies on these exchanges, such as margin buying.

The latter gets hands-on with data, in particular looking closely at candlestick charts to read trading sentiment and get a sense of the market from moment to moment. As cryptocurrencies can be incredibly volatile, trending up one moment and plunging the next, understanding the overall trend is the most effective way to invest and lays the groundwork for more complex approaches to investing.

Technical Analysis And Investor Behavior

Technical Analysis: Professional Cryptocurrency Trading 2020
Technical Analysis: Professional Cryptocurrency Trading 2020 Stack Commerce

Once you’ve got a handle on cryptocurrencies, you can dig into technical analysis. Technical analysis is simply learning from history; traders will use past market swings to develop theories on where the markets are headed next. And you also have to ask yourself if your own behavior isn’t dinging your ability to invest effectively.

Technical Analysis: Professional Cryptocurrency Trading 2020 shows you how to approach market behavior by breaking it into three cycles as a way of looking at the data. It’s especially important when considering overall trends; being able to understand what other investors may be up to and why will help you make better decisions.

Ultimate Success Strategy: Stock Trading & Bitcoin Trading, meanwhile, turns to the instructor’s own experiences to discuss the mistakes he made, and why he made them. While every trader is different, and markets are always ready to surprise investors, take a critical look at your own approach can help you step away from the market and look at it more objectively.

Day Trading And Forex

Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves
Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves Stack Commerce

While cryptocurrencies are a novel approach to fiat currencies and fintech, markets are still data-driven and people-driven, and this bedrock doesn’t change. What you’ve learned about cryptocurrencies can also be applied to other exotic instruments, like foreign currency exchanges (forex) and day trading.

Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves explores using both Elliot waves and Fibonacci tools on market data. Elliot wave theory argues that all markets are based on waves of “impulses” and “corrections” nestled within each other, while Fibonacci tools use the Fibonacci sequence to attempt to detect patterns in the movement of the markets. The theory holds that the Golden Ratio Fibonacci is so famous for also applies to market data.

Finally, 2 Scalping/ Day Trading Strategies for Crypto/Forex/Stocks looks at two common strategies in day trading, and how they use the second-to-second volatility of the market to profit. These can be applied to any market with high trading volumes and higher anxiety.

Whether you’re ready to jump into cryptocurrency, or are looking to better understand these instruments as the move to the mainstream, this bundle will help. And at 97 percent off, just $29.99, it’s a good financial decision even if you never buy an altcoin.