Master the basics of programming with this massive computer science training bundle

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When Google and Apple look for new talent, they usually gravitate towards computer science students. Of course, many of us don’t have the opportunity to revisit college. But with the Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle, you can get a great education without the debt. This huge learning library includes 174 hours of programming tutorials, covering all the most popular languages. In the PopSci Pre-Black Friday Sale, you can get the bundle for just $33.15 with code BFSAVE15.

Whether you want to work for the tech giants or build your own startup, programming knowledge is invaluable. This bundle helps you get a broad education, arming you with the skills you need to pursue any niche.

The lineup includes 11 courses, each providing hands-on video instruction. You’ll learn how to develop apps with C#, Java, Google Go, and Scala, while the two courses on Python cover a range of projects.

This in-depth training also walks you through creating algorithms, developing custom websites, and testing software. You’ll even get a crash course in coding for Arduino.

Worth $2,799, the entire bundle is now just $33.15 when you use code BFSAVE15 for an extra 15 percent off.

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