Sharpen your chess skills with this bundle of classes from expert players

Learn strategies to help you throw your opponents off balance.

So you’ve watched Queen’s Gambit and it piqued your interest in chess, either starting from the beginning or mastering your skills. This bundle of classes will help every player, from beginner to expert, learn a little bit more about the game.

You’ll get 14 different courses with 262 separate lessons from top players and experts. Over the course of 121 hours of instruction, you’ll get basic chess game theory to advance defenses, making you a competitive player at any level.

The courses begin with 10 hours of lessons from Davorin Kuljasevic, an expert player from Croatia. Kuljasevic will focus on improving your decision-making while playing. He focuses on nine decisions that players have to make during games and how errors in thinking lead to mistakes at these critical points.

Other classes will focus on an opening move you can learn and use for all your playing days, positional elements that lead to defeat almost all the time, building blocks to victory, and ways to take your opponent out of their strategy in just a few moves.

Other classes will focus exclusively on how to use your pawns, devastating tactics to help you overcome your opponent’s strategy, and opening and middle-game strategies.

All of the classes are taught by experts from TheChessWorld, a group that teaches nothing but chess.

This complete bundle of classes with a lifetime subscription would normally run $1,376, but you can get it now for a limited time for just $99.99, a 92 percent discount. At that price, it’s checkmate.

Prices subject to change