Help the world become more accessible and learn American Sign Language for only $19.99

Connect better with your Deaf partner, parent, friend, or colleague.

The pandemic has underscored just how much the world is in need of more people who are savvy in American Sign Language (ASL). Since wearing masks muffles speech and makes it tougher to communicate using spoken language—including people outside of the Deaf community—sign language has become more prevalent, as evidenced by the number of sign language interpreters appearing in the media.

With accessibility being of increasing importance, there’s no better time than now to get started on learning ASL. Whether you’re working in a field that’s crucial to learn sign language or not, it’s still worth picking up to help make the world more accessible for the hard of hearing.

The Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle is a training package that offers the opportunity to experience a full range of ASL courses. Comprised of three levels and a bonus course that zeroes in on baby sign language, this bundle helps you become confident in sign language for all situations. It covers everything from the basics of the sign language alphabet to more advanced gestures, such as medical emergencies.

The course is also CPD-accredited with 30 CPD credits, meaning it will help enhance your resume, allowing you to set yourself apart in the workforce and gain a competitive advantage. Of course, the biggest benefit of all is you get to gain a better understanding of the Deaf culture and community, as well as connect better with your Deaf partner, parent, friend, or colleague.

For a limited time, this ASL course is on sale for only $19.99.

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