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The majority of today’s Internet traffic courses through network pathways built with Cisco products. The pioneer in routing and switching technologies, Cisco holds an unrivaled greatest market share and the world’s largest user base, with thousands of companies relying on them to, well, function. Throw in the fact that many businesses are undergoing digital transformation, the network infrastructure is changing by the day, and experts are needed to facilitate and support these changes.

But IT leaders of companies don’t just need experts. The IDC reports that 70 percent of IT leaders look for certifications to prove job applicants are qualified. If you have any hopes of making it big in the networking industry, the Complete 2021 Cisco Certification Training Bundle will prep you to ace CCNA, CCNP, and CCT certification exams. For a limited time, you can grab this collection of courses on sale for 96 percent off.

A great education bundle that will prepare you for real-world IT work, this Cisco-focused collection is comprised of six jam-packed courses put together by iCollege, one of the most trusted marketplaces in E-Learning, this bundle is designed to give you a leg up when it comes to proving your skills in the ever-changing landscape of network technologies.

From the fundamentals of networking, switching, and routing, all the way up to creating models and what-if scenarios for real-world and future networks, you can expect to learn everything you need to know to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products.

In these courses, which are rated on average 4.47/5 stars by students, you’ll discover various advanced addressing and routing solutions, work on WAN, security services, network services, and SDA. You’ll also learn to troubleshoot admin distance, route maps, loop prevention, routing protocol distribution, as well as how to configure and manage wired and wireless network connectivity for new internet connection models.

By the time you finish, you’ll be well-equipped to pass certification exams and snag a lucrative job. Normally $1770, the Complete 2021 Cisco Certification Training Bundle is on sale for only $69.

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