Stay connected while you stay on top of your fitness with this smartwatch and earbud combo

Track your fitness while being able to receive calls, notifications, and more.

Many perks come with regular exercise; yet, it’s not always easy to stay on top of one’s fitness and overall health when life is busy. That’s why gadgets that help you set daily goals and stay motivated to exercise can be a fun and helpful way of keeping yourself accountable. If you’re looking to up your exercise game and develop healthier habits, then check out this great deal from the PopSci Shop.

The 2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods empowers you to track your fitness with a multi-functional smartwatch that comes with a pair of built-in Bluetooth earbuds. You can grab this deal on sale today for $69.99 and save 56 percent off its original price tag of $159.

2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods
2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods Stack Commerce

This deal makes it easier to stay on top of your exercise game. For starters, you can track valuable fitness and health metrics simply by wearing the watch. It comes with a step pedometer, distance tracker, sleep monitor, and calorie counter so that you can accurately understand several crucial metrics related to your health. The Smart Fit watch also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen so you can keep track of other valuable health metrics all the time.

Plus, you can track all your sports activity by selecting what you are currently doing, such as running or biking. In doing so, you can track the progress you make for a specific activity over time and know how many calories you burned in each session, providing you with insights that make getting out the front door that much easier.

Alongside all that, this deal delivers on convenience. For instance, the smartwatch displays calls, text messages, and social media notifications. Meaning, you can go out for a run, walk, bike ride, or even a trip to the grocery store and stay connected while you track your fitness. Just as valuable, the smartwatch doubles as an alarm clock so that you can wake up and start your day when you want. Last but certainly not least, the smartwatch comes with a pair of built-in Bluetooth earbuds, which makes it incredibly simple to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and more while staying active.

The 2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods help you stay on top of your exercise game by empowering you to track valuable health and fitness metrics, all while staying connected to the people and entertainment you already love. Pick it up on sale today in the PopSci Shop for $69.99.