Safeguard your home from ‘would-be’ burglars with this Cave Smart Home Starter Kit

Don’t become a statistic. Invest in a security system that offers peace of mind.

Your home is not only your castle, it’s your sanctuary. It’s the place where you feel safe and protected—or at least it should be. While statistics show that home burglaries have declined steadily over the past couple of decades, the fact remains that every year there are, on average, over 1.5 million break-ins, resulting in an average loss of about $2,800. Statistics have also shown the alarms deter most ‘would-be’ burglars, and have them moving on to an easier target. So, why not give yourself peace of mind and invest in a system that allows you to control and view your home’s security from anywhere at any time?

Whether you’re leaving for an extended vacation or out for a short trip to run errands, you want to feel secure that once that door closes behind you, your house and its contents are safeguarded. The Cave Security Alarm System is easy to set up, and, together with the free app, you can control your smart alarm from anywhere in the world by connecting to a wireless, wired, or mobile network. It features accessories like SmartHub, a motion and contact sensor, a remote control, and more. By using a secure QR code system you also have the ability to expand the kit by adding unlimited Cave accessories, such as an IP camera that will allow you to view your home remotely, a PIR (passive infrared sensor), window and door sensors, and more.

According to the FBI, a burglary strikes every 25.7 seconds in America, and the FBI crime reports expects approximately 1 in every 36 homes in the US experience a burglary. Do you really want to take a chance that you could be the next victim? Take advantage of this offer and use coupon code TAKE20 at checkout to get this Cave Smart Home Starter Kit for 20 percent off the $400 retail price for a final cost of $320. As the old adage goes: better to be safe than sorry.

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