Play it safe whenever you’re out and about with this personal alarm

Call for help in an emergency, allow friends to track your whereabouts for a bargain.

Personal alarms are often thought of as ideal for the elderly in case of a fall or medical emergency. But there are plenty of good reasons why a personal alarm is a good idea for those of all ages.

Whether you’ve gone hiking and fallen, or gotten lost, or been in an accident and can’t get to your phone — a device like the Care Go personal alarm, which is available right now for $16 off with coupon code ALARM16, can save your life.

This personal alarm not only protects you, but brings comfort to your entire family. It comes with real-time GPS tracking, so your friends and loved ones can keep tabs on you when you’re off on an adventure. It can pinpoint your exact location to help them find you in the event of an emergency. And you don’t have to worry about bothering too many people when you need to send an alert, as you can designate who gets them. But if you want a big list, that’s fine as well — there is no limit on the number of people you can add.

One of the best features of the Care Go is its Me Mode function, which allows your friends and family to keep an eye on your locations, even when their phones are on silent mode. It also has a Follow Me mode, which notifies the people who are on your list if you want them to watch you walk in a dark or sketchy area.

Care Go operates using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring your device and phone are always connected. It runs off a 150mAh battery, which only needs one hour to charge and can last for up to a year.

technologically-advanced security product, the Care Go can withstand most outdoor environments, with an IP65 rating that allows it to work even in inclement weather.

The Care Go has gotten excellent reviews from many publications and websites that have reviewed it. TrendHunter called it, “A good, safety-focused device for those who want to maintain their independence.”  Innoboot noted that every second counts in an emergency, and Care Go can send an alert with a simple twist and pull.

Normally priced at $49.99, the Care Go personal alarm is available in grey, a pinkish aurora or a glacial blue. It can be yours for a limited time for just $33.99 when you use coupon ALARM16 for $16 off at checkout.

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